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APNA - Lead of the Nursing and Midwifery Telehealth Consortia

The Nursing and Midwifery Telehealth Consortia consisted of APNA, the Australian Nursing Federation, the Australian College of Midwives, the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and CRANAplus. The Consortia responded to a Commonwealth Invitation in 2012 to apply and were successful in receiving funding under the Telehealth Support Component to undertake the Telehealth, Nursing and Midwifery: Education and Support Project (the Project).

The Project aimed to provide more equitable access to specialist services for patients in regional, rural, remote and outer metropolitan areas by enabling nurses and midwives to facilitate and contribute effectively to safe, high quality Telehealth consultations. Nurses and midwives together form the largest health professional group in Australia, providing health care to people throughout their lifespan, and across all geographical areas in Australia. Nurses may often be the only health care professional in remote areas.

The Project aligned with all four of the Commonwealth Telehealth Support Component objectives to deliver a comprehensive set of activities designed to significantly enhance the confidence and skills of this critical health professional workforce in supporting Telehealth service delivery.

Specifically, the four project objectives were to:

I. Develop and disseminate professional standards and clinical guidelines to guide nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives in the provision of health services via Telehealth technology

II. Provide a range of training and supports to existing health practitioners, as well as those entering the workforce, to enable them to competently deliver health services via Telehealth technology

III. Provide support through the engagement of Telehealth Support Officers to assist in the uptake by the health workforce to the Initiative

IV. Develop communications and awareness raising activities.

You can contact the APNA Telehealth Project support by clicking on the email link below:

Nursing and Midwifery Telehealth Consortia - supporting APNA, CRANAplus, ANF, ACNP & ACM members

The Telehealth Project has now ended, though you can contact APNA using the below details.

Emailadmin@apna.asn.au Telephone: (03) 9669 7450

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