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Supporting nurses in the timely diagnosis of dementia


The Supporting GPs and Practice Nurses in the Timely Diagnosis of Dementia Project is funded by the Australian Government. It is delivered in partnership by Alzheimer’s Australia, Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association, Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria, Dementia Training Study Centres, Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute.

Project Deliverables

The project aims to provide training to primary health care nurses across Australia on the timely diagnosis of dementia. In conjunction with Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria, APNA will deliver four one-hour e-learning modules and 18 face-to-face workshops and with a focus on building knowledge to support early identification of dementia.

The online learning series provides the in-depth background knowledge to building dementia practice in primary health care; whilst the face-to-face workshops provides practical skills in a timely diagnosis of dementia. Both the online learning and workshops correspond with another and APNA recommends completing both forms of education. 

Online Learning

Four Steps to Building Dementia Practice in Primary Care

The building dementia practice series is designed to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence in dementia practice and provide you with tools and resources to work collaboratively in supporting a timely diagnosis of dementia in primary care. The online learning modules encourage you to lead practice change by following newly developed dementia practice guidelines that promote an evidence-based approach to dementia detection, diagnosis and support in a primary care setting. The Four Steps to Building Dementia Practice in Primary Care series comprise four one-hour online learning modules, including:

  • Step 1 Building dementia knowledge
  • Step 2 Building a process towards dementia diagnosis
  • Step 3 Building an approach to dementia support
  • Step 4 Building sustainable dementia support

The building dementia practice online learning series can be accessed free of charge via the APNA Online Learning store.

Instructions on how to access the online learning series. 

APNA's 2017 Conference Prize Competition for Dementia online learning series

Complete all four modules of APNA's Four Steps to Building Dementia Practice in Primary Care by 30 September 2016 and you will go into the draw to win an all-expenses paid trip to APNA's 2017 National Conference. The prize covers a two-day conference registration, return economy flights to Hobart and two nights accommodation in Hobart. Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.


Timely Diagnosis of Dementia in Primary Health Care workshops

With the high prevalence and increasing rates of dementia in Australia there is a need to develop greater capacity within primary care to support early identification and timely diagnosis. By utilising the skills and resources of general practice nurses, a dementia practice model can increase the capacity and quality of dementia practice standards, and promote greater opportunity for detection,
diagnosis and support of people living with dementia, their families and carers.

This session will:

  • Build dementia knowledge
  • Build an approach to dementia diagnosis
  • Build an approach to dementia support
  • Build sustainable dementia practice

The three hour Timely Diagnosis of Dementia workshop will be held across Australia over 2016. Below are dates for the current workshop schedule. Attendance of the Timely Diagnosis of Dementia workshops are free of charge

Workshops and dates

Friday 17 March 2017 - Brisbane QLD
9:00am - 1:00pm

Glen Hotel 
Corner of Logan Road and Gaskell Street,
Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

Online registration or download registration form


For more information or for any queries on this project please contact Murphy Woods, APNA Professional Development Coordinator, by emailing murphy.woods@apna.asn.au or calling 1300 303 184.

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