How to stand up to bullies in the workplace

Workplace bullying is unfortunately a common issue, particularily for new nurses. APNA's article provides you with tips and advice on how you can stand up to bullies in the workplace.

Negotiation Guide for Primary Health Care Nurses

Receiving a salary that recognises your value is an important part of APNA’s Nurse 2022 goal, which is why we have put together a member-only pay negotiation guide. Use this guide to project assertiveness, confidence and earn your true value.

How to boost your confidence as a new nurse

The speed and process of building confidence is unique to each person. APNA's article provides you with tips and advice on how new nurses can build their confidence, both in their scope of practice and their job.

How to maximise MBS billings for nurse clinics in general practice webinar

Please be advised that today's webinar has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for the inconvenience and will be in touch in the near future to confirm a new date and time for the webinar.

How to land your dream nursing job

Are you a new nurse and need help finding your dream nursing job? APNA's article provides you with tips and advice on how to put your best foot forward as you start your nursing career.

Nurse 2022

My Pledge to Nurse 2022  I will take charge of my career I will promote the value of my role I will support my profession and my peers

Let's change how nurses are seen in Australia

The survey is having an impact. It’s making nurses more visible. The more nurses who complete the survey, the louder we can be.

Nurses at the table for healthcare reform

APNA President and veteran of primary health care reform Karen Booth has been appointed by Health Minister Greg Hunt to advise on the development of the Government’s Primary Health Care 10-Year Plan.

Make the most of it

Find out how your membership with APNA can help you achieve your professional goals. 

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Enjoy a fulfilling career

APNA will support you throughout your career in primary health care. Find out which membership type suits you.

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