#NextGen nurses saved from COVID-19 wrecking ball

APNA and Monash University are helping nursing students complete clinical placements that were disrupted by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Workplace Posters

Free posters for your general practice or aged care facility to help ensure the safety of your patients, visitors, and staff during COVID-19.

Nursing Australia podcast

A news and education podcast for Australian nurses, working together towards a healthier Australia, presented by APNA. Keep up-to-date with the latest news you need to know, listen to powerful interviews, learn with education segments and hear stories from nurses on the frontline of Australian health.

Register for APNA's Student Nurse Placement Pilot Project

Nursing undergraduates are struggling to secure their clinical placement hours. Host a student nurse for their 3-week placement in Victoria. Register now.

Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions are coming. Get up to speed with how they work and why this will be a convenient option for patients.

A rewarding career in aged care with APNA

APNA supports aged care nurses—advice, education, insurance and advocacy to name a few—so that you can enjoy a rewarding career.

Developing a pandemic protocol for COVID-19

In this article, we cover the stages of a pandemic, processes to consider in your workplace’s pandemic protocol, and additional useful resources to dive into when updating your COVID-19 pandemic protocol.

NEW member resource: Nurse Know-How

APNA is proud to present Nurse Know-How, a series of bite-sized education, delivered via video by APNA nurse leaders, to help you in your day-to-day work as a primary health care nurse.

A private Facebook group just for APNA members

Are you on Facebook? APNA offers its members a private, member-only Facebook group where you can have conversations with your primary health care nurse colleagues. There's lots of nurse-led resources and discussion, so jump on and ask to join this group. We'll check that you're a current member and accept your request.

APNA Online Learning

APNA Online Learning delivers rich, interactive learning in a fully flexible online format, with courses designed specifically for nurses in primary health care and other health professionals.

Nurse Support

APNA's Nurse Support provides professional advice and guidance to members. Especially during the COVID-19 public health event, we're here to support you.


Explore APNA membership options and find the type that suits you or your organisation best.

Representing your profession

A key role of APNA is to provide representatives from our membership and staff to various projects and advisory committees where we feel representation is of key value to nurses and their patients.

Communicating with our members

APNA gets information straight into our members’ hands – concise and relevant news tailored for nurses in primary health care.

Why join APNA?

Find out about the wide range of APNA member benefits.

APNA 2020 Workforce Survey

If there was a year in which you needed to have your say it was this year. Complete the 2020 Workforce Survey here.


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