Whet your appetite ahead of the main conference with Nurseforce for the Future workshops set for Thursday 10 May 2018

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A detailed and practical look at wounds and healing on a primary care budget with clinical nurse consultant Cheryl Frank. A half-day workshop that will you give you the confidence to assess and treat all wounds in your practice. Wounds covered include burns, venous leg ulcers and skin tears.  

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the phases of wound healing
• Understand the importance of TIME principles
• Understand the importance of the diagnosis and evidence based care including referral
• Awareness of managing the wound diagnosis rather than the symptoms of the wound

Thursday Morning - $55 - subsidised by APNA's Nursing in Primary Health Care Program

Mental Health: You are already doing it! 

Experienced credentialed mental health nurse Sharyn Amos will provide understanding on the impact of mental health in your practice when dealing with patients with complex and chronic diseases. 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Mental Health Assessment tools and frameworks: See how you’re already doing this
  2. Learning the language and pathways in Mental Health: What does it mean and what do I do with it?
  3. Overview of mental health care plans: What does it mean for the patient and who can/can’t create one
  4. Putting it into practice: Applying the principles of mental health assessments to case studies
  5. Developing an understanding of the self medicating patient and the role of dependance
  6. Exploring how to look after you the accidental counsellor

Thursday Morning - $55 - subsidised by APNA's Nursing in Primary Health Care Program

Participate in a practical and interactive session, targeting nurses and health service managers in primary health care settings, interested in establishing a nurse clinic. Applying a modular approach, participants will learn the steps to establishing their own nurse clinics.

Thursday Morning - FREE - subsidised by APNA's Nursing in Primary Health Care Program

Dianna Fornasier, a Nurse Practitioner and Credentialled Diabetes Educator, is the Weight Management Program Lead at Shoalhaven Family Medical Centres.

Dianna will walk participants through the real science behind weight loss and challenge participants to rethink and reframe obesity management in general practice.

This workshop will:

- Showcase the research in weight management science that now underpins the re-classification of obesity as a chronic disease which is progressive and relapsing.
- Learn about obesity genetics
- Evaluate and explore the micro and macro pathophysiology of obesity
- Outline the major points in the first Australian Obesity Guidelines (2013)
- Exploration of interventions in the guidelines and evidence underpinning recommendations
- Identify the take home messages for general practices in Australia
- Analyse Staging of Obesity (Edmonton Obesity Staging System)
- Discuss the 5 As in Obesity
- Look at obesogenic in society
- Understand the myths and truths in what the systematic research reviews have identified regarding diets, exercise and recommendations of the past and present
- Look at practice models within the MBS funding scheme
- Identify the emerging role of general practice teams in the weight management space
- Look at bias and stigma experienced
- Learn about opportunities in this space as a Practice Nurse or a Nurse Practitioner Highlight resources and methods for Practice Nurses to upskill in this area

Dianna Fornasier is a nurse practitioner with over 26 years of experience in delivering primary care in a variety of setting including rural, remote, and indigenous. She has also been a primary care prescribing provider in Alaska. She works on diabetes education and management across a broad spectrum of environments and cultures in Australia. She is published in journals on the topic of Diabetes Education and models of care in Australia.
For the past eight years she has worked in primary health care alongside great integrated teams as a nurse practitioner and credentialled Diabetes educator for Shoalhaven Family Medical Centres. She was awarded an innovative grant to lead a nurse practitioner-led Metabolic Clinic over the past 18 months where one of her greatest passion lies. In 2017 she was awarded the NSW Credentialled Diabetes Educator of the Year.

Joining Dianna with be Jill Treganowan who will offer the perspective of an experienced practice nurse.

This workshop will cover the key aspects of nurse led pre-travel health consults, followed by an interactive case based workshop.

Following this, influenza prevention and all the lessons learnt from 2017 season and the role of new vaccines for older adults will be on the menu.

Presenting on common travel diseases will be Caroline Nash, a Registered Nurse with an extensive background in Travel Health, Tropical Medicine, Public Health and Immunisation practice. She has a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a Graduate Certificate of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). Caroline has studied internationally at Mahidol University and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Rabies in Bangkok. Caroline has co-authored a Rabies Awareness brochure for travellers that is used by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) and the CDC Sth East Asia division.  Caroline is a member of the steering committee for the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM)  Nurses Professional Group and recently hosted a nurses meeting/workshop at the Asia and Pacific Travel Health Conference (APTHC) in Bangkok. Caroline has worked as a Travel Health Clinical Nurse Consultant and has also undertaken numerous deployments to the Solomon Islands and to Sierra Leone where she worked as a Team leader in an Ebola Treatment Centre. Caroline is currently employed as Operations Manager for Aspen Corporate Health in Canberra.

Joining Caroline, will be Danielle Peel, a Nurse Practitioner who has been working in the field of travel medicine for more than 15 years. She has completed post graduate studies in travel medicine, where she was awarded the MASTA medal. She passed the Certificate of Travel Health, set by the International Society of Travel Medicine, and is a member of various Travel medicine professional groups. Danielle is a co-owner of her own travel medicine clinic is Sydney and is an Academic for the masters stream in the School of Nursing at James Cook University. Danielle has a love for prevention medicine, specifically vaccine preventable diseases.

The influenza udate will be delivered by the very capable Christopher Barker. Chris is a Medical Science Liaison from the medical team at Sanofi Pasteur. Chris has an academic background as a vaccine immunologist where he spend over 10 years working on the development of novel vaccines for a number of different infectious diseases.

This is a free workshop bought to you by Sanofi Pasteur.


Nurseforce for the Future will offer a two-part workshop day for Nurse Practitioners and nurses seeking advanced education.

This inaugural workshop has been specifically designed for nurse practitioners and advanced nurses who work in an extended clinical role. The day will consist of two half-day sessions, which will comprehensively cover two key topics of interest; pharmacology and diagnostics.

The topic areas addressed in this workshop will be pharmacology and pathology.

The pharmacology session will be delivered in the morning, by Dr Jenny Gowan.
Jenny is a practicing pharmacist and a Teaching Associate at Monash University. She is a current member of the PSA Branch committee, Editorial Board Member of AUS-DI, SHPA   ‘Don’t Rush to Crush’, Guidelines Committee for the Australian Asthma Handbook, and the Thunderstorm Asthma Expert panel, and RACGP Silver book for Aged Care.
In 2010 Jenny received the Sanofi-Aventis award by the University of Sydney,  in 2013, PSA Australian Pharmacist of the Year and  2016 Jenny was the AACP-MIMs Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.
Jenny will provide an overview of hypertension management, an update on respiratory medicines and devices, and guidelines related to polypharmacy and de-prescribing.

The pathology session will be delivered in the afternoon, by Dr Nigel Brown. Nigel sees pathology as a key foundation for the role of community located nursing and is excited to share his knowledge of pathology with you. He regularly educates health workers on the role, use and interpretation of pathology testing, using a combination of case based scenarios along with plenty of opportunity for questions.

Nigel is currently medical Director of a large multi-hospital pathology service in Queensland and also has many years of previous experience in private pathology practices providing community based pathology testing. Nigel’s background in provision of pathology services to rural and remote locations in Australia as well as urban and regional centres allows him to make topics relevant to a broad range of care settings.

Thursday Morning & Afternoon Workshops
$160 APNA Member Earlybird per half day
$180 Non-Member Earlybird per half day

Improve your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiorespiratory system. Learn to apply this knowledge to interpreting spirometry results. A practical half-day workshop with real-world case studies with Nurse Consultant James Brinton.

Learning Outcomes:

• Improved understanding of the symptoms of common lung conditions, including chronic lung disease
• Improved knowledge of validated tools used for the assessment of lung function
• Improved knowledge related to identifying when there is a problem, and how to intervene
• Improved skills in reading a Spirograph and identifying common indicators of lung problems
• Improved local knowledge of COPD referral pathways

Thursday Afternoon - $55 - subsidised by APNA's Nursing in Primary Health Care Program

An engaging and interactive look at care coordination for your practice. Filled with practical advice on how to make it work in your practice from experienced Health Coach – Kim Poyner, who understands the constraints that nurse’s work under to make care coordination happen, every day.

Learning Outcomes:

• Navigating the changing health landscape
• Discuss the current impact of Chronic Disease in Australia
• Evolving the role of care coordination in your practice
• Look at assessment tools, treatment types and referral information
• Developing coaching skills to engage the most complex patients
• Creating effective and meaningful care plans
• How to make the MBS items work for you

Thursday Afternoon - $55 - subsidised by APNA's Nursing in Primary Health Care Program

Older Australians are entitled to protection against vaccine-preventable disease. So why is the adult vaccine uptake rate so low?

This workshop will focus on how practice nurses can help their vulnerable older Australian adult patients protect themselves with tips, tricks and tools to improve access, coverage and/or timely delivery of vaccinations in your clinics.

Delivered by Magali De Castro.

Thursday Afternoon - FREE

Exploring the “how” of advance care planning: communication, when to, how to and what about. 

Primary care nurses have an important role to play in advance care planning conversations and are well placed to initiate such conversations with their patients, to assist them to complete Advance Care Plans, and to review these plans as appropriate.

This practical hands on workshop is designed to assist nurses to:

• Recognise patients for whom advance care planning discussions are indicated
• Feel comfortable and confident to initiate an advance care planning discussion with patients and their families
• Learn and practise the skills required to hold an advance care planning discussion
• Describe some of the legal and ethical implications of advance care planning in the context of primary care practice
• Be able to support patients to complete Advance Care Plans/Directives

Thursday Afternoon - FREE

Communication typically consists of too much telling and not enough asking, which undoubtedly is one of the biggest inhibitors of people taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Professional practices that do not utilise asking Better Questions will not facilitate empowered interactions, resulting in others being less engaged and motivated and more dependent upon services.

By enabling Health Professionals to become more conscious of their communication the Better Questions philosophy enables practitioners to recognise when and how to ask (the right) questions as opposed to advice giving or telling. These simple yet highly effective communication strategies facilitate people to tap into their potential and resourcefulness, leading to them being more motivated, responsible and feeling more valued, engaged, and respected and ultimately be healthier people!

By attending this half day workshop you will:

• Recognise habitual patterns of response in your conversations
• Understand the impact of asking vs telling
• Learn the benefits to being a Better Questioner
• Be provided with tips and strategies to get better outcomes with clients
• Learn how to better handle resitance to the approach

What does the Better Questions workshop support? By asking Better Questions and practicing the skills learnt at our workshops participants will have the ability to support and underpin:

  • Person centred care
  • Self Management approaches
  • The Wellness approach
  • Consumer Directed Care
  • Integrated Chronic Disease Management

About Lindsay Tighe:

Lindsay is the founder of Inspirational Coaching and Better Questions and is a successful and highly regarded speaker, business woman, coach and author of seven books.

Her passion is teaching the skill of asking Better Questions to release human potential and she has developed various workshops and resources which are detailed at She has trained thousands of people in the in the Aged Care and Health sectors to support the implementation of the Enabling and Wellness approach as well as Self Management and Consumer Directed Care.

Lindsay holds an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and regularly speaks at a variety of functions. She has also been appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show and has been featured in Women’s Day, Good Medicine, New Idea and the Qantas in flight magazine.

Thursday Afternoon
$160 APNA Member Earlybird
$180 APNA Non-Member Earlybird

The PHN Workshop will be run in a different format this year in response to feedback canvassed from past PHN sessions, the APNA-run PHN Network teleconference group, and APNA’s CPD events involving PHNs.

PHN staff are often in a role that is working to promote the implementation of new programs, practices, resources etc. into primary health care settings, and this can often be challenging, especially when the staff are not nurses themselves. As agents for change, nurses are routinely improving quality and safety in their practice, and we see PHN support as playing a pivotal role in facilitating this. 

With this in mind, APNA will run the PHN Workshop at Nurseforce for the Future with a Change Management focus. 

Leading the first half of the day is Kirsten Meisinger, MD, Medical Staff President for the Cambridge Health Alliance. Dr Meisinger is the current National Faculty Co-Chair for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services initiative “Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative”, an initiative designed to move US practices to value-based, patient centred medical care.

The second half of the day will see case study examples used to implement a Human Centred Design model of implementing change. This will leave you with ideas and outcomes to implement into your daily roles.

This is an invite only event for PHN staff.

Thursday - Full Day Workshop
$599 as part of 3 day conference registration
$220 PHN Workshop only

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