Wellness Coaching Australia - Level 2 - Wellness Coaching Skills in Practice

This course involves intensive and practical coach training where participants will gain a better understanding of how to use the coaching model with real-life solutions, gain confidence and improve their coaching skills. CPD hours: 12 hours.

Better Questions - Asking better questions

Communication typically consists of too much TELLING and not enough ASKING, which inhibits people taking responsiblity for their own health. Using the Better Questins communication techniques with your clients will lead them being more engaged, motivated for self-management and less dependent upon services. CDP hours: 6 hours.

Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement - Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling and Intervention

The 10775NAT Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling and Intervention is an 11 month, part-time course designed specifically for counsellors and other health practitioners with appropriate training and substantial work experience in the human services who wish to specialise in grief and bereavement counselling. CPD hours: 662.

Monash University - National Health Education and Training in Simulation (NHET-Sim) Program

The NHET-Sim programme is a nationwide training programme for healthcare professionals and their educators aimed at improving clinical training capacity. NHET-Sim is designed for anyone who currently or intends to use simulation as an educational method to support the development of healthcare students and professionals. CPD hours: 6 hours (3 hours online learning & 3 hours face to face learning).

Diabetes Queensland - Diabetes management for health professionals

In an interactive learning environment, participants will enhance their knowledge of evidence–based diabetes management strategies for their clients. CPD hours: 8 hours.

ASHM - STI and BBV Nursing: Management and Care

This educational activity outlines the public health aspects and clinical management of STIs, HIV and hepatitis and advocates for a proactive and practical approach to health care and evidence based practice. CPD hours: 12 hours.

The Benchmarque group - Course in Immunisation Practice in Primary Healthcare

Designed to provide students (clinicians) with the specific knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform a range of comprehensive immunisation services and remain up-to-date with current programs, changes, and requirements relevant to their scope of practice. CPD hours: 30 hours.

The Benchmarque group - Chronic Disease Support Program

Driven by a desire to create better health for clients, reduced hospital admissions, better patient compliance and the provision of care by those best qualified to provide advice. CPD hours: 60 hours.

The Benchmarque group - Otitis Media Management Program

The Otitis Media Management Program is designed to develop the skills and knowledge to safely assess and manage ear health in relation to a range of conditions, with the major focus on physical auditory assessment. CPD hours: 30 hours.

The Benchmarque group - Nutrition Support Program

Designed to provide skills and knowledge for a range of health professionals and others working within Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health. CPD hours: 24 hours.

The Benchmarque group - Foot Health Assessment

Designed to provide skills and knowledge for a range of health professionals and others working within Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health. CPD hours: 24 hours.

ASHM - Hepatitis B Nursing: Advanced Nursing Management and Care

This activity is designed for nurses who have high or at high-risk case load of CHB patients. The course will provide nurses with advanced practical skills and knowledge in hepatitis B nursing. The program content is delivered through presentations and case discussions that introduce the epidemiology and natural history of hepatitis B, vaccination, testing, fibrosis assessment, advanced liver disease, stigma and discrimination and explores the cultural context of hepatitis B nursing. CPD hours: 13 hours.

Monash University - Wound Care Management for Nurses

This practical, hands-on course is specialised towards nurses who work in wound care management. Our international expert in wound care will cover topics on how wounds heal, what prevents healing, acute and chronic wounds, infection and antiseptics, wound and patient assessment, and decisions of what and how to dress wounds. This includes in-depth demonstration of products, as well as the role and use of bandages and compression therapy. CPD hours: 8 hours.

Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT - Well Women's Screening Course

The aim of this course is to equip registered nurses, registered midwives, and enrolled nurses working in primary care with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve competency in undertaking Cervical Screening Tests in the context of a well women's screening consultation. CPD hours: 42 hours.

Wellcoaches Australia - Behaviour Change Agent

The Behaviour Change Masterclass is designed to provide you with knowledge about the basis of health coaching skills required to assist clients to develop a vision for their own health and set reachable goals for behaviour change. CPD hours: 6 hours.

Wellcoaches School of Coaching - Wellcoaches Core Coach Training Program

The core training and certification programs are designed for both medical and health professionals, in addition to those with no prior professional training in a health-related area, who wish to become trained and credentialed in health coaching. CPD hours: 27.5 hours.

ESSA - Exercise is Medicine

Educates primary healthcare providers on the role of physical activity in the prevention and management of chronic disease, and advocates for multidisciplinary care. CPD hours: 2 hours.

Wellness Coaching Australia - Level 1 - Foundations of Wellness Coaching

Level 1 introduces you to all the theories behind the Wellness Coaching model and focuses on the foundational principles and fundamentals of coaching psychology and how you can use them connect, engage and empower people to change. CPD hours: 8 hours.

Wesley Community Services Limited - Suicide Prevention Training for General Practitioners and Practice Nurses

These professionals already have a significant understanding of the risk factors associated with suicide and the measures required to support those at risk. Our suicide prevention training enables them to develop their knowledge and expertise, while participating in continuing professional development. CPD hours: 6 hours.

Diabetes SA - Diabetes for health professionals

It is highly recommended health professionals update their diabetes knowledge for optimal patient outcomes. If you have not attended a formal diabetes program in the last 3-5 years, Diabetes SA offers two programs: Diabetes Essentials for Healthcare Professionals and Diabetes Extension for Healthcare Professionals. CPD hours: 13 hours.

Clinical Design Solutions - Wound Management Workshops: Creating Sustainability in Clinical Practice

These interactive four-hour workshops have been designed to enhance your capacity to assess and treat complex wounds in the hospital & primary care setting. CPD hours: 4 hours.

Polio Survivors and Their Health Conditions Workshop

Tens of thousands of Australians experience or are at risk for developing Late Effects of Polio (LEoP), including a younger cohort who recently migrated to Australia. LEoP is a late onset progressive decline in physiological function, affecting polio survivors’ participation and quality of life, being related to prior exposure to the polio virus. Polio survivors without paralysis can also develop this condition. LEoP is not acute polio, just as shingles is not chickenpox. Most survivors require multidisciplinary care and use support services. LEoP symptoms not identified and managed, can cause worsening symptoms - frustrating clinicians and patients. Learn more by requesting a workshop, or by attending a scheduled workshop. CPD hours: 3 hours.

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