APNA Endorsement Program


The APNA Endorsement Program is currently under review. We are not accepting any applications at this time. To be notified when we begin accepting applications again, please email endorsement@apna.asn.au.


APNA is committed to supporting primary health care nurses in developing their knowledge and skills. APNA aims to support, facilitate and promote a professional development program to its members. Continuing professional development (CPD) activities allow primary health care nurses nationwide to retain and develop their expertise.

Aim of APNA Endorsement

  • To guide organisations in the standards required by the profession.
  • To encourage organisations to adopt best practice educational principles when developing CPD activities.
  • To recognise APNA members’ commitment to CPD and guide participants in the allocation of appropriate CPD hours for the purpose of meeting their requirements under national registration.
  • Provide the opportunity for education providers to receive feedback from APNA, ensuring endorsed activities accurately reflect the primary health care nursing context and scope of practice.

What can be endorsed by APNA?

Any continuing professional development activity for primary health care nurses may be submitted for endorsement.

Types of APNA Endorsement 

APNA offers endorsement of educational and online learning activities. APNA provides a set of quality standards to be met in order for APNA endorsement to be granted.

Quality Standard 1: The educational activity is highly relevant to the needs of primary health care nurses to provide high quality nursing care in a primary health care setting
Quality Standard 2: The content of the educational activity is evidence based and of high quality
Quality Standard 3: The delivery of the educational activity is professional
Quality Standard 4: The educational activity includes a formal evaluation
Quality Standard 5: The educational activity is developed and delivered by a credible organisation

Endorsement of educational activities and online learning activities 

APNA promotes endorsed activities to primary health care nurses to ensure that quality activities which meet the high standards demanded by the profession are recognised. To have an activity approved for APNA endorsement you must be a credible organisation committed to supporting the needs of our primary health care nurses. APNA will work with the applicant to promote the endorsed activity appropriately and allow use of the APNA endorsement logo for marketing of the educational activity.

Please note, the application process may take up to 4-6 weeks.

For more information and the requirements please email us.



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