Pregnancy and continence: Continence foundation of Australia

Video and resource page for patients regarding pregnancy and incontinence.

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Australia's chief nurse Dr Rosemary Bryant: My career as a nurse leader

How do you become a nurse leader on a national and international scale? In this online article, Karen Keast profiles the illustrious career of Australia's preeminent nurse leader Dr Rosemary Bryant.

Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch, Department of Health

The Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch of the Western Australian Department of Health provides advice, develops policy and administers regulatory controlsffor medicines, therapeutic goods and poisons.

Notification procedure for communicable diseases, SA

Under the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, medical practitioners and diagnostic laboratories are required to notify SA Health of cases suspected of having or diagnosed with specified infections or diseases.


SuicideLine is a 24/7 telephone counselling service offering professional support to people at risk of suicide, people concerned about someone else's risk of suicide, and people bereaved by suicide. Phone 1300 651 251

Kirby Institute Annual HIV and STI Surveillance Report

The Surveillance Program monitors the pattern of transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis, and specific sexually transmissible infections in Australia and provides the latest data to guide evidence-based practice.

Dementia Collaborative Research Centres

The DCRC showcases DCRC projects and links to dementia resources, for any person interested in, or affected by, dementia.

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

The Institute's science strategy reflects the breadth of the areas of work, focussing on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Check your address for NBN

Check your address to find out if the NBN network is available at your home or business for faster internet

Helping clients to manage their own urinary incontinence

The information in this booklet is intended for health professionals who have an interest in urinary incontinence, but not necessarily specialist knowledge.

National Guidelines For Communicable Diseases in Australia

National Guidelines that provide advice and guidance to public health units in responding to a notifiable disease event

Mental health: Department of Health

Information about action to build a stronger, more transparent, accountable, efficient and effective mental health system.

Register of public sexual health clinics

The information in this booklet is updated annually and provided to professionals in Sexual Health Medicine as a service by the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Clinical documents within the My Health Record

Clinical documents support continuity of care, and improve the interactions between healthcare providers and patients. Important patient information can be shared between healthcare providers electronically.

Prescribing medicines in pregnancy database

This database is intended to provide information to health professionals planning the medical management of pregnant patients or patients intending to become pregnant.

Quit Now

Australian Government Department of Health Smoking Cessation information page. Includes links to all state and territory campaigns and resources.

Mind Health Connect

This website aggregates mental health resources and content from the leading health focused organisations in Australia. The mental health include: online programs, fact sheets, audio and video, and online communities.


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