APNA representation | Thrombo 360 Educational Steering Committee

Pfizer has an educational program “Thrombo 360” designed to educate and upskill general practitioners on the management of patients with coagulation disorders. This program is due for review.

As part of APNA's Representation Program, we are seeking an APNA member to join Pfizer’s Educational Steering Committee, to be part of this review process. The committee will consist of a core group of Australian clinicians including general practitioners and relevant medical specialists.

You will need to be available to review and provide feedback on relevant modules of the educational program, attend four Webex steering committee meetings, and potentially also a state level face to face meeting in 2019. An honorarium will be paid for your time, with the time commitment expected to be approximately 10 hours.

Keen to support APNA as a key representative? Contact Ruth Dyson at Pfizer via ruth.dyson@pfizer.com



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