On the front line of immunisation

In Australia today, we’re doing a great job at childhood vaccinations with over 90% coverage rates for one, two and five year olds.1

However, adults make up the vast majority of under-vaccinated Australians, putting them at risk of potentially devastating, yet preventable, diseases, like influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia and shingles.2

It’s time to close the gap.

The most crucial factor influencing vaccination uptake in older patients is the recommendation of a health professional.2

Vaccines against three preventable diseases are available and recommended by the Australian Government for eligible adults.3

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) funds:

  • Pneumococcal and enhanced influenza vaccines for adults aged 65 years and over4
  • Quadrivalent influenza vaccines for adults with certain medical risk factors, pregnant women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and over4
  • Shingles vaccine for eligible adults aged 70-79 years.4

Download our adult vaccine chart for useful information on dosing requirements, indication and the different vaccines available.

Here are three simple steps to get you started.

  • Every clinic is different and there's no 'one right way' to run an adult immunisation program.
  • Visit Community Immunity: an online immunisation toolbox that provides everything you need to plan, identify and recall eligible adults for vaccination this year.
  • Download the most popular resource in 2019.
    Get the Shingles information leaflet
  • Focus on the task ahead by setting goals for the adult immunisation program at your practice.
  • Use the influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination target sheets to help you track your success.
  • Make the most of your practice software to identify and recall eligible patients.
  • Access patient recall resources including recall letter templates on Community Immunity.

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