Celebrating the most trusted profession

13 May 2016

On International Nurses Day, nurses in Australia have been acknowledged in a meaningful way. 

In Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions Survey 2016 nurses have been rated as the most honest and ethical profession for the 22nd year in a row with 92% of respondents agreeing, the same majority as in 2015.

Nurses are the largest health workforce in Australia, and while nurses don’t have the visibility of other professions they are there when you are at your most vulnerable, they care for your family when the need is beyond your ability to do so, they are present over many years to support your health and wellbeing.

The International Council of Nurses has deemed nurses a force for change in this year’s International Nurses Day theme. With such a significantly sized workforce, one that is well distributed across the country from metropolitan to rural and remotely, one that is accessible to patients, and who are the leaders and agents of internal and systems change, it would be wise to consider this force when planning the future of Australia’s healthcare.

“We see nurses not only as the key drivers of change, and expansion in health care services delivery, we see nurses as the pulsating heart of primary health care that gives the life force to primary health care and that can actually make things happen,” said APNA President Karen Booth.

There is a good reason why nursing is a sought after career with vast opportunities to explore so many different challenging and stimulating settings. And statistics show nurses are in high demand. 

Ms Booth said, “To fulfil this demand we need to support and nurture new nurses, take the time to build their experience and reach their potential.”



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