Nurse 2022

Nurse 2022 is an opportunity to take action, to bring about the future you want for yourself and your profession.

Nurse 2022 - Valued. Visible. Respected.

What APNA’s going to do

As part of Nurse 2022, APNA will work to improve the environment you work in by:

  1. Improving the profile of primary health care nurses and working towards better recognition of the primary health care nurse profession
  2. Ensuring the nurse scope of practice is understood at the individual, business and system level
  3. Changing the perception of nurses’ value and facilitating the adoption of funding models that support the optimisation of primary health care nursing in general practice settings

But we need nurses to make this a reality, we need nurses to make real changes on the ground. It only takes a few people to make a movement, and it starts with you.

What you’re going to do

Being part of the Nurse 2022 movement means that you pledge to:

  1. Take charge of your career
  2. Promote the value of your role
  3. Support your profession and your nurse colleagues

My Pledge to Nurse 2022 

I will take charge of my career

I will promote the value of my role

I will support my profession and my peers




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