The Nurse Practitioner in General Practice

The Nurse Practitioner in General Practice
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Practice nurses are collaborating with general practitioners within the structural limitations of their role; they are now well placed to exercise leadership in patient care. This will require articulating a clear frame of professional reference, and altering the funding, and structure of general practice. Critically there is a need for Australian evidence that demonstrates that practice nurse-led care is both safe and effective.

Historically there have been many changes in primary health care nursing, not only in terms of clinical care but also in regard to many professional and regulatory aspects. The role of the nurse practitioner in general practice is a part of these clinical and professional changes. Momentum is building in terms of recognition and respect for the specialty in which we work.

  • What is the process in becoming a nurse practitioner in Australia?
  • What does the nurse practitioner in general practice do and how does it differ from the practice nurse?
  • Why does the role matter and who benefits?

Presented by Wendy Patterson, Nurse Practitioner, Gandangdara Health



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