Not Just a Nurse Podcast

In this podcast, APNA's membership duo Murphy Woods and Casey Mannix invite their guests to talk about all things primary health care nursing and some things that have nothing to do with primary health care nursing. So whether you’re not just a nurse, or not a nurse at all, come on the journey with us uncovering ideas, innovation and inspiration—enjoy the ride.

Episode 16: Nurse-led innovation in aged care

Joining us in this edition of ‘Not Just a Nurse’ is Brianna Ford. Brianna is an aged care nurse with close to 15 years’ experience in the industry. In our chat, Brianna explains how separated the health care industry and aged care industry are with the Royal commission. And how this inspired her to start her own multidisciplinary organisation this year, with a goal to create a geriatric system of engagement in primary health care and bring together the governments health and aged care systems. We also discuss the beautiful wisdom and advice learned from working in aged care, to the strangest things that can happen on a full moon night shift at 2am. Not only will you learn a lot, be inspired, and laugh, you’ll also walk away feeling warm and fuzzy. Get comfortable and tune in.

Episode 15: Devotion to primary health care nursing + cheerfulness + self-care = APNA’s own, Jo Millard

In this episode of Not Just a Nurse, we speak with APNA’s sweetheart, Jo Millard. Jo is a registered nurse, a project officer at APNA, and has a zeal for primary health care nursing like no other. We delve into key moments that led her to becoming a nurse, how yoga and meditation are self-care tools she uses in her daily routine, and how apparent failures are just detours in the right direction. Get your dose of optimism and confidence and tune in to this episode today.


Episode 14: Could free coffee for nurses be the answer? Virginia Beckerman thinks so

Joining us in this episode is Virginia Beckerman, a clinical nurse educator at the Royal Children’s Hospital Allied Health and Nursing Education Outreach Program. We discuss her professional journey and key moments that led her to becoming a nurse educator, and how free coffee could be one way to celebrate nurses for International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Virginia offers pearls of wisdom throughout our chat, which is sure to inspire you wherever you are in your career journey.


Episode 13: Kaara Calma wears many hats—Nurse in GP, a teacher, and a PHD student—how does she do it all? 

In this edition of Not Just a Nurse, we talk to Kaara Calma. Kaara is a registered nurse, who works in general practice, a teacher at the University of Wollongong’s School of Nursing, a PhD student researching the topic of nursing student’s perceptions, and preparedness to work in primary care, and last year was awarded ‘Recently Graduated Nurse of the Year’ by APNA. We discuss a recent research paper on ‘The support needs of Australian primary health care nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic’—that Kaara was one of the authors of—her career journey, how she juggles her busy schedule and top tips for getting organised, as well as key advice for younger nurses.


Episode 12: Angela Ryan from the Australian Digital Health Agency discusses 'My Health Record'

In this episode we chatted with Angela Ryan from the Australian Digital Health Agency about all things ‘My Health Record’. Angela explained the biggest benefits around ‘My Health Record’, as well as the biggest myths. The episode is jam-packed with information to help you continue to be the evidence-based and best-practice nurse that you are.


Episode 11: Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Alison McMillan, is definitely 'Not Just a Nurse'.

This week we spoke with Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Alison McMillan. Alison gave us an insight into how nurses can manage stress and burnout during these turbulent times and if we can ever expect life to resume as normal again. We also took a trip down memory lane: how Alison’s career journey began in Sunderland, north of England, and what brought her to Australia all those years ago. We also found out Alison is not only a proud nurse, but also enjoys a glass of wine and is a real foodie. If she wasn’t Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, they’d probably make a role for her called ‘Chief Chef of Australia’.


Episode 10: Professor Michael Kidd talks all things COVID-19, to his career journey as a GP and an author

This week we sat down with the “big boss” Professor Michael Kidd, who was appointed Principal Medical Advisor and Deputy Chief Medical Officer this year with the Department of Health. Michael had quite a few things to say about primary health care nurses rolling up their sleeves during the pandemic and keeping Australia healthy. He also had some interesting insights into the next steps of managing COVID-19, tips on how to become a nurse novelist, but most importantly, he revealed what famous actor he’d like to play him if a movie was ever made about COVID-19 in Australia.


Episode 9: A trip down memory lane and then a voyage to the future, with wonder woman and APNA Founder, Sam Moses.

In this episode we’re talking with APNA’s founder Sam Moses. We covered a lot of ground in this special instalment of Not Just a Nurse, from how APNA began, why a career in primary health care is a rewarding choice, the future of Aged Care, and exclusive advice, guidance and top tips for nurses in their career journey.


Episode 8: Julie Hassard talks about how to fill your buckets

In this episode  we talk with Health and Wellbeing Professional, Coach and Mentor, Julie Hassard. We discuss her ‘Doing Dying Better’ education program, positive psychology and self-care strategies during these unprecedented times. If anyone is interested in finding out about any of her programs and services you can contact her via email,, or via her linkedin profile

Julie’s offers coaching and mentoring across:

  • Personal and professional coaching
  • Health and wellbeing workshops
  • Women’s wellbeing retreats (yoga, health and wellbeing education, personal growth)

Doing Dying Better programs – full or half day group workshops for up to 20 people – mostly delivered to groups of nurses and other health professionals

Doing Dying Better facebook page – a place for sharing articles, insights, events related to the end of life and death.

Or any of her ‘Making the most’ programs:

  • Making the most of life in limbo – a personal coaching and virtual group program for people working from home (commencing May 21 over 4 weeks)
  • Making the most of midlife – coming soon.

Tune in for this special, and heart warming episode of ‘Not Just a Nurse’ recorded on the auspicious day ‘International Nurses and Midwife Day’.


Episode 7: John Litt talks about COVID-19 not leaving in a hurry

In this episode we’re talking with Dr John Litt, an academic general practitioner and public health physician. He was an associate professor for general practice and teaching coordinator in the Flinders University Doctor of Medicine program until he retired a few years ago. John gives insights into when a vaccination is likely to be available and how we will exit out of COVID-19.

Episode 6: Robbie Bedbrook and COVID-19

In this episode we're talking with nurse leader and social media guru Robbie Bedbrook on the current coronavirus pandemic. We cover everything from self-care, to how nurses can be best supported, to sexual health and how that will look in peak COVID-19. This episode was recorded, in self-isolation, from our bedbrooms straight to your ears, this is one episode you don't want to miss.

Episode 5: The importance of having your own insurance

In this episode we chat with one of APNA’s leading nurse consultants Lesley Pugh, and insurance expert Robyn Styles from Insurance House. We're demystifying the myths and misconceptions about professional indemnity insurance and the importance of having your own cover versus your employer’s policy.

Episode 4: The transition to research with Lesley Batten

New Zealand-based health researcher Lesley Batten talks about her love for community and healthcare, and her journey from primary health care nursing to research.

Lesley is a researcher at Massey University and the project manager for the Primary Health Care Nursing Integration project, a collaboration between the MidCentral District Health Board, the Central Primary Health Organisation and a number of primary health care services in New Zealand.

With a background in hospital and public health nursing, Lesley illustrates how her career took her everywhere including weighing babies on a pool table in a pub!

Shifting to university work 23 years ago, Lesley talks about her transition to the world of data and research, and how primary health care and community still influence her work.

Episode 3: Putting the patient first with Diane Zalitis

Join us as we chat with registered nurse Diane Zalitis from Healthdirect about prioritising the needs of a patient over everything else on Not Just a Nurse podcast.

In this episode Diane shares all things pregnancy, birth and baby. In the field for over 30 years, she reflects on her career, with funny moments where she was blasted for putting the patient first, and cherished times of helping her patients help themselves.

She says that ultimately it’s all about why you chose nursing in the first place and no matter where you’re at it is always, always about the patient first. Motivated from that one drive, this nurse has shaped an amazing career in helping people, and especially new parents be better and more equipped.

Episode 2: Think outside the box with Robbie Bedbrook

Nurse leader Robbie Bedbrook talks about his serendipitous entry into primary health care, growing in his career with the help of timely mentors, expanding the role of primary health care nurses, embracing his inner Kelly Clarkson, and potentially writing a primary health care spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy.

Registered nurse and current Curator of the Sydney Global Shapers, Robbie has been more than just a busy body, as a voice for young nurses he has truly thought outside the box. Stretching the boundaries of primary health care, he paves the way for other nurses to flex their imagination and redefine their roles.

Episode 1: The privilege of being a nurse with Professor Jill White

Professor Emerita and nurse trailblazer Jill White talks about her journey in nursing, nurse education here in Australia and around the world, leadership by nurses and by women, and about her alternate career as a jazz singer. Recorded at APNA’s national conference on the eve of the Nursing Now Australian launch, Professor White – Global Campaign Board Member – talks about the Nursing Now and Nurse 2022 campaigns and the global challenge for nurses to think outside the health box, to be brave, be assertive, and to do the big picture stuff and the political stuff to get the voice of nurses heard.

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