chronic disease management

Chronic Disease Management

My Quit Buddy

My Quit Buddy is an app personalised to help people quit smoking, on their own terms. It includes a community forum, which allows quitters to share success stories, distraction tips and celebrate milestones.

Cardiovascular Disease: A snapshot (2004-05)

Overview of the prevalence, risk factors, hospitalisations and trends in morbidity for cardiovascular disease in Australia principally using data drawn from the National Health Survey (NHS).

Oncology research review

Regular updates on all cancer research from worldwide medical journals.

Advance care planning: do you really know what your patient wants

This session is for primary care nurses who participate in care planning and treatment of patients with chronic or life-limiting conditions, enabling you to learn about the principles and practice of advance care planning.

Australian Diabetes Society

The peak medical body in Australia for diabetes. ADS enhances the welfare of individuals with diabetes through improving knowledge, developing guidelines, training health professionals

APNA Conference 2018

APNA Conference 2018

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