HPV and the renewal of the national cervical screening program

This webinar aims to educate nurses about upcoming changes to the national cervical screening program. Participants will learn about advancements in understanding of HPV and the link to cervical cancer.

Learning to recognise frailty in older people

This presentation will introduce primary health care nurses to the concepts of older people living with frailty, and provide them with screening tools, as well as objective assessment tools to detect the markers of frailty.

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding influenza vaccination

An online survey of General Practice Nurses was conducted to ascertain the knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding influenza and influenza vaccination.

Do GPs and RNs collaborate in general practice

An increased prevalence of chronic disease and an ageing population is threatening to challenge the way we deliver healthcare. This study seeks to explore the factors which influence collaboration in this healthcare setting.

Advanced practice nursing in primary health care: An international perspective

A presentation by Madrean Schober at the 2014 APNA National Conference - Thriving Through Change. Dr Madrean Schober is President of Schober Consulting, International Healthcare Consultants.

Additional networking strategies

This presentation from the 2013 APNA Conference is designed to assist you to make contact with your Medicare Local.

Promoting health in prison

Prisoners have higher reported levels of risky behaviours and poorer health. Whilst holding a Men's Health Day is not a new concept in the community, in a prison it was, so there were many unique challenges to overcome.

A specialist wound clinic in general practice does it work

This webinar will explore establishing a specialist wound clinic in a general practice and using the clinic as a clinical placement setting for other practice nurses to upskill them in the challenges of complex wounds.

Sexual health competency standards for primary health care nurses

NSW STIPU in partnership with APNA, ASHM, Family Planning NSW and ASHHNA surveyed primary healthcare nurses on experiences with sexual health care in general practice.

APNA Conference 2018

APNA Conference 2018

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