PEN Clinical Audit Tool (CATPlus) for general practices

PEN Clinical Audit Tool provides essential population health graphs, charts and reports to best assist practice staff implement and drive process change to improve patient health outcomes.

PENCS CAT - General practice data software: Recipes

This general practice data software (CAT4 ) includes "recipes" which are designed to give new and experienced users a simple step by step guide to a particular problem or question.

Mental health: Department of Health

Information about action to build a stronger, more transparent, accountable, efficient and effective mental health system.

Managing the use of your practice data: General Practice Data Governance Council (RACGP)

The GPDGC supports an appropriate information sharing environment for secondary use of general practice data, in order to improve patient and population health outcomes.

Canning data extraction tool for general practices

Canning data extraction tool extracts data from your clinical system, aggregates it into an assortment of pre-defined measures and presents it in the form of totals and/or percentages.


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