Lentigo pigment lesions fact sheet

Information on lentigo pigment lesions included causes, diagnosis and treatment. Provided by DermNet New Zealand.

Brown spots and freckles -fact sheet

Information on brown spots and freckles, lentigines, and treatments for brown spots. Provided by DermNet New Zealand.

Australasian College of Dermatologists

Information on skin conditions, find a dermatologist, training opportunities.

Self skin examination fact sheet

Information on self skin examination, cancer and screeening. Provided by DermNet New Zealand.

Global solar UV index and solar damage -fact sheet

Information on the solar index and different UVI numbers. Provided by DermNet New Zealand.

Cutaneous melanoma

Melanoma accounts for less than 5% of all skin cancers; however, it causes the greatest number of skin cancer-related deaths worldwide. Early detection of thin cutaneous melanoma is the best means of reducing mortality. Provided by Medscape.

Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre

The WMI CRC is an industry led, cooperative organisation whose activities are transforming wound outcomes by addressing the key issues affecting wound healing and prevention

Intraepidermal carcinoma - fact sheet

Information on Intraepidermal carcinoma, including causes, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment. Provided by DermNet New Zealand.

Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc

A not-for-profit charity that provides specialist clinical treatment, education and research for all skin diseases, skin cancers and melanoma.






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